Mag. Michael Reiterer and his agency AHA Translation Office offer translations in many languages and specialist fields.


In our networked world, languages and communication - and therefore translations as well - are particularly important. Translations build bridges to your customers; they constitute a key part of your corporate image in the international market and have become a marketing instrument in their own right. To be able to meet all the standards of a good translation, language professionals who boast an excellent command of the languages they work in (so-called 'native speaker competence') as well as a broad general education are needed.

I collaborate with a network of professional translators who work in many different specialist fields as well as a wide variety of languages . All my colleagues have a university degree in translation and/or have been working in their field successfully for a number of years. They are committed to lifelong learning, adept at Internet research as well as targeted study of new specialist fields. Many are perfectly bilingual. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction .

To provide quality assurance each project would usually involve two experienced translation professionals working together. Either they would both be native speakers of the target language (which means that the target language is their mother tongue or their language of habitual use), or the project would be carried out by a team comprising a native speaker of the target language and a native speaker of the source language.


AHA Translation Office prides itself on offering translations of the highest quality, emphasising specialist know-how, reliability and the ability to fit in with a client's demands .

Large projects and urgent translations

Large and urgent translations sometimes require a team of translators to work on the project together to ensure timely delivery of the translation. On acceptance of your order this team will commit itself to contact each other regularly by e-mail and to exchange relevant terminology. In some cases one member of the team will take over the co-ordination of the texts to be translated.

Special forms of translations

AHA Translation Office is happy to accept assignments for certified translations and other special translation services (the compilation of glossaries, terminology management, etc.)

Certified translations

I co-operate with qualified sworn and certified translators, who are able to produce certified translations of your documents and certificates for official authorities and courts in the language required


Support for your Internet presence: AHA Translation Office is able to provide help with adapting information about your products or services on the Web, for instance, to meet the demands of the target market or group .

Terminology and glossaries

We use technical dictionaries, terminological lists and glossaries for every specialist field.

Every translation would involve us updating our databases with new technical terms to ensure we provide state-of-the-art terminology for each new translation.

To ensure quality control for large projects or repetitive texts we use software tools such as translation memories.

To the benefit of our clients: AHA Translation Office guarantees consistency of terminology and delivers work of the highest quality. Upon request, we are happy to incorporate your house style for your projects. We are also happy to compile customised glossaries for your company



AHA Translation Office guarantees absolute confidentiality of the delivered texts.

Fast and reliable delivery

We strictly observe deadlines and promise to complete all assignments on time. We ensure that AHA Translation Office is a reliable partner that promotes your international business relations and boosts your success.


The prices of translations depend on:

  • the complexity of the specialist field and the difficulty of the texts,
  • the urgency of the translation,
  • the text length and the size of the project,
  • the languages and language combinations,
  • the purpose of the translation.

This last point is particularly vital as there is a difference between a working version intended for information only and a version intended for publication, so please inform me about what you would prefer.

The prices for translations are generally charged on the basis of the length of the text (calculated in standard lines) in the target language. A standard line is 55 keystrokes (or characters) including punctuation and spaces. The length of texts available in a digital format which have been prepared in a common word-processing software can be determined within just a few seconds. If, however, the original document is available only on paper or a similar medium, time will be needed to determine its approximate length. In most of these cases, we are unable to submit a precise quotation but can only give a cost estimate.

Usually the price we charge includes revision, editing and proof-reading by a colleague, which is part of our quality assurance service .

Simply contact me by phone or e-mail. I will get back to you with a quote that is tailored to your needs and completely non-binding for you.

Opening hours, holidays

AHA Translation Office is usually open during office hours. Before sending me your texts or visiting me, please contact me by phone:

Office number: +43 676 40 66 456
Mobile phone number (also during holiday times): +43 699 194 77 232