Interpreting services


AHA Translation Office provides interpreting services in all major languages and many specialist areas - for example for press conferences, company tours, congresses and meetings .


We only co-operate with professional interpreters who have studied this specialism at university, who boast several years of experience and a smart appearance, and who we know to respect the ethical standards as laid down by the different professional interpreting bodies .

Types of interpreting

  1. Simultaneous interpreting: A simultaneous interpreter translates the words of the speaker into the target language in real time. Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of booths, headsets and microphones. The interpreters take turns about every 30 minutes, which means at least two interpreters are required for simultaneous interpreting .
  2. Consecutive interpreting: The speaker stops from time to time to give the consecutive interpreter the opportunity to translate the speaker's words into the target language. In most cases, special technical equipment is not needed.
  3. Whispered interpreting (whispering): This is a special type of simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter translates the words of the speaker into the target language by whispering them into the ear of listeners without using any technical equipment. Obviously, whispered interpreting is suitable only for use with a maximum of two or three people.

Documents and other written material

As interpreting assignments are highly complex, we recommend any available document and other written material to be used at the prospective function is sent to us at least two days before the event. This will allow the interpreters to prepare themselves for the event as efficiently as possible. Please note that major events require fairly long periods of preparation also on my part.


Prices for interpreting services vary according to the type of event, the venue, the languages and the equipment needed. Interpreting services are charged by the day or half day. Please contact us and inform us about the requirements . We will be pleased to give you a customised quotation .