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Willkommen bei AHA Translation Office,
dem Fachübersetzungsbüro von Mag. Michael Reiterer!

Das Übersetzungsbüro Ihrer Wahl. Wir garantieren hoch qualitative Übersetzungen zu günstigen Preisen. Unsere Leistungen sind professionell und flexibel, geprägt von Know-how und einer breiten Palette an Sprachen. Alle Übersetzungen ins Englische und ins Deutsche werden bei ausreichender Frist von Native Speakers nach dem Vier-Augen-Prinzip durchgeführt (d.h. noch lektoriert).

Überblick über unsere bisherigen Erfahrungen: Es war 2005, als diese Website nach monatelangen Vorarbeiten das Licht des Webs erblickte. Nach mehr als 10 Jahren ist es heute (2016) an der Zeit, ein ganz großes Dankeschön auszudrücken - all meinen Stammkund/innen, Geschäftspartner/innen und Kolleg/innen für ihre Treue und meinen Freund/innen dafür, dass sie immer an mich geglaubt haben.

Schön, dass Sie sich für die Leistungen meines Unternehmens interessieren.
Hier erfahren Sie mehr über meine Dienstleistungen.
Wenn Sie weitere Informationen über Sprachdienstleistungen wünschen, die über das hier dargestellte Angebot hinausgehen, nehmen Sie bitte mit mir per E-Mail () Kontakt auf.
Das Fachübersetzungsbüro AHA Translation Office wurde von Mag. Michael Reiterer in den 90er Jahren gegründet. Es ist Teil eines Gesamtansatzes zur Verbesserung der zwischenmenschlichen Kommunikation und hat sich das Ziel gesetzt, Übersetzungsdienstleistungen sowie verwandte Dienstleistungen in erstklassiger Qualität mithilfe modernster technologischer Hilfsmittel zu bieten.
Wir sind Ihr professioneller Partner für alle Sprachdienstleistungen.

Wir bieten nicht nur Übersetzungen und Dolmetschleistungen, sondern auch eine Reihe von Zusatzdiensten in diversen Sprachen und den unterschiedlichsten Fachgebieten an. Mehr Info dazu auf den folgenden Seiten.

Welcome to AHA Translation Office,

Michael Reiterer and his translation agency
The translation agency of your choice. We guarantee high-quality translations at competitive prices. Our services are characterised by professionalism and flexibility, expertise and a wide range of languages. All our translations into English and German are double-checked by a proofreader - always a native speaker - where the deadline allows this (four-eyes principle).

A brief overview of the company’s history: it was in 2005, following many months of preparations, that this website first appeared on the internet. After more than ten years it is now (2016) high time to express our sincerest gratitude to all our regular clients, business partners and colleagues for their trust and loyalty and to our friends who have always believed in us.

Thank you for your interest in the services our company provides.
On this website you will find more details about our services.
Should you require more information, please contact us by e-mail (). We look forward to hearing from you.

Overview of the agency’s history:
The translation agency AHA Translation Office was set up by Michael Reiterer in the 1990s. It is a part of an overall approach to improve interpersonal and intercultural communication and was set up to provide a top-quality translation service and related services by means of state-of-the-art technological tools. We are your professional partner for all language services. These include translations and interpreting services as well as a wide array of additional services in many different languages and specialist areas.

We are a network of professional translators who work in many different specialist fields as well as a wide variety of languages. All of us have a university degree in translation and/or have been working in their field successfully for a number of years. They are committed to lifelong learning, are adept at internet research and can study new specialist fields with particular goals in mind. Many are perfectly bilingual. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction.
To provide quality assurance, each project would usually involve two experienced translation professionals working together. Either they would both be native speakers of the target language (which means that the target language is their mother tongue), or the project would be carried out by a team comprising a native speaker of the target language and a native speaker of the source language.

AHA Translation Office prides itself on offering translations of the highest quality, emphasising specialist know-how, reliability and the ability to meet all of the client's demands. Large and urgent translations sometimes require a team of translators to work on the project together to ensure timely delivery of the translation. On acceptance of your order, this team will contact each other regularly by e-mail ando exchange relevant terminology. In some cases one member of the team will take over the co-ordination of the texts to be translated. Support for your internet presence: AHA Translation Office is able to provide help with adapting information about your products or services on the web, for instance, to meet the demands of the target market or group. To ensure quality control for large projects or repetitive texts we use software tools such as translation memories.

To ensure the best-possible service is provided to our clients, AHA Translation Office guarantees consistency of terminology and delivers work of the highest quality. Upon request, we are happy to incorporate your style preferences for your projects. We are also happy to compile customised glossaries for your company.
AHA Translation Office guarantees absolute confidentiality of the delivered texts.

We strictly observe deadlines and promise to complete all assignments on time. We ensure that AHA Translation Office continues to be a reliable partner that promotes your international business relations and boosts your success.

The prices for translations are generally charged on the basis of the length of the text (calculated in standard lines) in the target language. A standard line is 55 keystrokes (or characters) including punctuation and spaces. It only takes a few seconds to determine the length of texts which are available in digital format and have been delivered using common word-processing software. If, however, the original document is available only on paper or a similar medium, time will be needed to determine its approximate length. Usually in this case we are unable to give a precise quotation and can only provide a cost estimate.

Usually the price we charge includes proofreading and revision by a colleague, which is part of our quality assurance service.

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. We will get back to you with a quote that is tailored to your needs and completely without obligation for you.

The number of our customers has grown steadily in the past few years. Upon request, we will provide you with a list of customers active in your field.

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